Zidane hopes Ronaldo’s tax issue will be fixed quickly

Madrid, Dec 10 (IANS) Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane defended his superstar striker Cristiano Ronaldo whose has been dragged in a tax investigation being carried out by the Spanish treasury, urging a quick solution for the problem.

“Sure that when we talk about all this it has its affects, but the important thing for us is that things get fixed very quickly,” Zidane said on Saturday at a news conference when asked about the tax investigation affecting several of his players.

“Before football players, they are people and very intelligent, they know perfectly what they are doing. We have good people, who are professionals and know what they are doing,” Zidane continued.

“I hope things get better quickly, we just want to concentrate on football and win games,” he added.

Team captain Sergio Ramos had asked for the level of the team not to be affected by what is said about the tax investigations, stressing that this is a personal issue and not related to football.