Zoom Developers and Kingfisher Airlines feature in PNB’s latest willful defaulters list

New Delhi, June 15 : Zoom Developers and Kingfisher Airlines feature in the updated list of willful defaulters released today by the Punjab National Bank (PNB) citing loans and defaults.

According to the data published on the bank’s website, 913 borrowers have been classified as willful defaulters, who are collectively liable to pay over Rs. 11,480 crore to the bank as of March 2016 compared to Rs. 10,870 crore in February.

The PNB, which released the last list in February, added nine new willful defaulters, who owe Rs. 616 crore to the bank.

According to the data, the other defaulters on the list include Winsome Diamonds and Jewellery,Forever Precious Jewellery and Diamonds.