Here is How A 19-Year-OldGirl Uses Facebook To Annul Her Underage Marriage

Here is How A 19-Year-OldGirl Uses Facebook To Annul Her Underage Marriage

New Delhi, October 13: A 19-year-old girl from Rajasthan has proved in court that she was illegally married off as a minor after she submitting evidence from her husband’s Facebook page on Thursday.

According to reports says, Sushila Bishnoi has appealed to a court to dissolve her underage marriage. But her husband denied the couple was ever betrothed, threatening to scuttle her case.

After looking into her Husband Facebook accounts until they found the smoking gun that proved their marriage occurred when she was underage. when it happens many of his friends on Facebook has posted congratulatory messages saying that Kriti Bharti, an activist whose Sarathi Trust charity has annulled many child marriages in Rajasthan.
Reports say the court has accepted the whole evidence and declared the marriage invalid,” she said of the ruling on Monday.

The evidence shows that the couple was married in a secret wedding ceremony in Barmer district in 2010 when both were just 12 years old in Rajasthan often remain with their parents after the wedding day until reaching 18 years of age when they are sent to live their husbands.

Ms. Bishnoi said her parents were forcing her to move to her husband’s house and consummate the marriage.

The girl also stated to media that she wanted to study but her family and my in-laws wanted me to live with a drunkard, she also pointed out that It was about life and death, and I chose to live.”

Meanwhile, She ran away from home to a shelter where she met Ms. Bharti, who helped her begin legal proceedings to dissolve the union.

This week, the Supreme Court declared sex with a minor akin to rape even if the couple was married, a landmark ruling that closed a legal loophole around child marriage.