Separate courts for quick disposal is needed for divorce cases

New Delhi : The litigation goes on for years for many young women who move courts for divorce. Most of the cases they suffer a lot because of the same reason.”There should be separate courts for quick disposal of such cases” BJP MP Hema Malini said.

She said: “Marriage is a beautiful institution which is totally based on love and respect for each other but often bitterness gets into marriage and young women want to seek divorce and start their life fresh. “Aaj kal ke peedi ki young ladkiya yeh face karti hai (The young modern women face these problems often).” But long litigation often makes things difficult for these women, she said while raising the issue of long-pending divorce cases in the Lok Sabha during Zero hour. “Some cases go on for 10 years. And golden period of their life goes wasted in this struggle,” said the Mathura MP, and suggested that to ensure early disposal of such cases, separate courts should be set up.