Bharatiya Janata Party making issues out of nothing, says Asha Kumari

New Delhi, June 27: Congress leader Asha Kumari, who replaced Kamal Nath as the general secretary in-charge of Punjab, hit back at Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday for raking up a land grab case against her, accusing them of making issues out of nothing.

“This is not an issue; they (BJP) are trying to make it an issue. They are making issues out of nothing. We are very much geared up to form the government in Punjab and the BJP is scared,” Asha told ANI.

“The real issue is how we can bring Congress to power and as to why the BJP is interested in the internal matter of the Congress Party,” she added.

Divulging the details of the land grab case in which Asha Kumari is accused, she said the property is of her father-in-law, which was registered before her marriage.

“In between my husband died, so obviously the beneficiary of my property would be me. This is an issue of my personal property that has been stayed and suspended by the judiciary” she added.

She further said the BJP lacks agenda and that is why it is attacking the Congress leadership.

“They haven’t been able to solve the main issues of the common man and are targeting us for no reason. The BJP needs to answer why they have failed on the promises they made to the people this country,” she added.

A former state education minister, Asha Kumari had been accused of illegally transferring 60 ‘bighas’ of forest land belonging to the government in the name of her husband Brijender Singh, 18 years ago. Singh belonged to the royal family of Chamba.

Her appointment came after Nath stepped down on June 15 following a controversy over his alleged role in the 1984 riots.