Kerala woman, Dr Omana who chopped her estranged lover into pieces 21 years ago, found dead in Malaysia

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Kerala woman, Dr Omana who chopped her estranged lover into pieces 21 years ago, found dead in Malaysia

Malaysia, October 27: After Indian High commission in Malaysia issued a notice and a  photo in a newspaper of an unidentified Indian woman found dead. There are doubts arising whether it could be Dr. Omana Edadan.

Dr. Omana Edadan, 63-year-old woman is an accused in one of the most sensational murder cases of Kerala. Dr. OmanaEdadan poisoned her lover P Muraleedharan, a contractor at a railway retiring room in Ooty on July 11,1996. Afterwards, she chopped the body into pieces and stuffed them in a suitcase and carried it in a taxi to Kodaikanal.

Dr. Omana Edadan packed the flesh and bones of the body separately in plastic packets. The internal organs were cut into very small pieces and flushed down the toilet. Then, she placed the packets in the boot of her car and drove to a hill on Ooty and tried to dump some packets in various parts of the ravine. She hired a taxi to Kodaikanal and so she got exposed.

Dr. Omana Edadan was arrested the next day when the taxi driver gave statements against her. Her plan was to throw the body parts into a river but she couldn’t execute it as the driver had doubt on her.

Dr. Omana Edadan was a divorce informed the police that her lover was already married and was trying to get away from her and so she killed him. She spent few years in the Madras Central Jail and later got bail in 2001. Though the Tamil Nadu police have tried to track her down, Omana Edadan vanished.

According to news reports, in an advertisement the body of the woman was found after she fell from a building, in Subang Jaya of Malaysia.

The Deputy Superintendent of Police KV Venugopal told that her relatives said that the photo has similarities to Dr Omana. KV Venugopal said that her children disclosed that she had contacted them once from Malaysia. But, the police said that it is yet to be confirmed only after the scientific tests.