Anti-US rally in Manila: Police van rams into protesters on wednesday

Manila, October 19: A police van rammed into protesters at an anti-US rally in Manila on Wednesday morning amid clashes between the two sides, a media report said.

The violence happened after hundreds of demonstrators marched towards the US Embassy to demand an end to the presence of American troops in the country, backing Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s call for an independent foreign policy, Efe news reported.

Clashes initially broke out after the protestors, carrying banners bearing slogans such as “Yes to independence” and “No to US intervention”, attempted to break through a police line near the embassy.

A police van was seen driving backwards and forwards, ramming into protestors, while tear gas was also fired.

Protest leader Renato Reyes said in a Tweet that 29 people were arrested, including a doctor, nurse and a member of the media.

According to Reyes, 10 protestors were injured, while a number of police personnel were also said to have been injured.

He said the arrested protestors were released around 4 p.m. (local time).