BJP leader and MP Subramanium Swamy calls Congress MP Shashi Tharoor a gigolo

New Delhi,July3:The BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP, Subramanian Swamy on Saturday posted a tweet explaining the definition of the GST, which was launched on the same day.

However, his tweet on GST wasn’t even remotely connected to the Indian finance or the tax system. Neither was he making any attempts to simplify the newly launched complicated taxation regime for his audience.

Instead his tweet said, “GST= Gigolo Shashi Tharoor”

Faced with public criticism, Swamy posted another tweet explaining the rationale behind his abuse for Tharoor.

He wrote, “Gigolo is an Italian word. Nothing in Congi dispensation can be higher.”

Swamy calling Tharoor a male prostitute is reminiscent of another personal jibe that the former’s leader, now the prime minister, Narendra Modi had used for the Congress MP’s deceased wife.

Modi, in a political rally, had termed Pushkar as ‘Rs 50 crore girlfriend.’