Dada JP Vaswani birthday is celebrated as a Global Forgiveness Day

Dada JP Vaswani birthday is celebrated as a Global Forgiveness Day

Pune,August2:Born on August 2, 1918 at Hyderabad-Sind in a pious Sindhi family, Dada JP Vaswani is a universally acclaimed humanitarian, philosopher, educator, writer, powerful orator, messiah of ahimsa, and non-sectarian spiritual leader. He has also been working in the field of promotion of vegetarianism and animal rights.

Dada Vaswani’s birthday is celebrated as a Global Forgiveness Day. At 2 pm on this day, young and old alike, across continents, observe the ‘Moment of Calm’ by forgiving all those who have wronged them.

Currently, Dada Vaswani is the spiritual head of the Sadhu Vaswani Mission founded by his guru, Sadhu TL Vaswani. The Mission is a non-profit organisation headquartered in Pune. Vaswani has authored more than 150 self-help books.

 For the past four decades, Dada Vaswani has been spreading the message of love and peace all over the world. Holding aloft in his hands the torch bequeathed to him by his spiritual guru, Dada, as he is fondly called, carries across the globe the message of India’s deathless culture.

As he was a brilliant student, he was given a number of double promotions enabling him to pass the BS examination at a young age of 17 years. He was awarded a fellowship at the DJ Sind College for standing first in his class.

His MSc thesis on ‘The scattering of X-Rays by solids’ was examined by Nobel laureate CV Raman. Although Dada’s conclusions were in divergence with those of Raman, the originality of his views impressed the eminent scientist.

Dada gave up a career in academics to follow in the footsteps of his illustrious uncle and guru, Sadhu TL Vaswani.

In order to propagate his guru’s ideals, he edited three monthly journals – the Excelsior, the India Digest and the East and West series. The Excelsior, a youth journal, became so popular that its circulation surpassed that of the daily newspaper, the Sind Observer.

Sadhu Vaswani gave another task to him. It was to serve as the principal of St Mira’s College for Girls. Dada set a living example before teachers and students and was dearly loved by them.

In 1966, when Sadhu Vaswani shed his physical body, he passed on the baton to Dada Vaswani.

Dada’s writing reveals practical tips on happy, successful, spiritual and non-violent living. Many of his books have run into several editions and several have been translated into the Marathi, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Papio Mento, Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish, French, German and Indonesian languages.

Because of his best-selling books, Dada is regarded as a great inspirational writer. He has also addressed eminent forums like the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago, the World Hindu Conference in Colombo, the Global Forum of Spiritual Leaders and Parliamentarians at Kyoto, the UN, the United Nations Millennium World Peace Summit and the House of Commons in London.

He received the U Thant Peace Award in April 1998 for his dedicated service to the cause of world peace. Animal lovers revere and admire him as an apostle of non-violence who strives tirelessly for the cause of reverence for all life.

His humanitarian spirit transcends caste, creed, colour and religion. He teaches how to confront problems and challenges and gives vision of a world without wars. According to him, the root cause of wars is irreverence towards life.

“Thou Art the great magnet, O Lord, may I be a tiny iron filing,” – these words of Dada show his humble nature. His fiery, thought-provoking speeches have aroused interest in Indian religion and culture. His sermons and life style are the best example of ‘preach what you practise’.

“It is essential to develop intellect and to acquire manual skills. But the most important is the training of the heart… to love and serve… Love and service are what the world needs the most now. Look on service as an offering of love for God,” he preaches.

Sadhu Vaswani Centers all over the world, including in Colon and Panama, have been putting to practice these ideals of love and service through their activities, which include feeding the poor and needy, distributing essential grocery items to the needy families in villages, giving educational needs to school kids, organising free cataract operations, medical camps, feeding birds, fish, animals and other living beings.

As Sadhu Vaswani had said: “If you want to be happy, make others happy!”