Google Chrome to start blocking redirect advertisements from 2018

Google Chrome to start blocking redirect advertisements from 2018

San Francisco/California, November 9: Google is going to start blocking redirect advertisements in Chrome and it would start in 2018.

The Google Chrome Developer Relations team wrote in a blog post on Wednesday that features like Chrome’s pop-up blocker, autoplay protections but without types of unwanted behaviours.

Previously from January 2008, Google Chrome’s pop-up blocker used to prevent sites with abusive experiences from opening new windows or tabs similar to how Google Safe Browsing protects users from malicious content.

The blog post said that it has been found that that this redirect often comes from third-party content embedded in the page and the page author did not want that redirect to happen at all.

The one feedback that Google mostly gets to hear from most of its users is that a page unexpectedly navigates to a new page for no reason.

The Google Chrome Developer Relations team noted that in Chrome 64 all redirects originating from third-party iframes will show an infobar instead of redirecting, unless the user is interacting with that frame.

It will keep the user on the page they are reading and prevent those surprising redirects. Many of the users reported about two types of abusive experiences where a deceptive site control appears to do one thing, but has a different behaviour when clicked.