Rohingya boat capsize: Death toll rises to 23 as more bodies found 

Rohingya mass exodus of refugees exaggerated, says Min Aung Hlaing, Myanmar's Army chief

Bangladesh, October 10: Nine dead bodies of refugees have washed up in Bangladesh when an overloaded boat carrying after an overloaded boat carrying several dire Rohingyas sank in the sea. The death toll in the incident was raised to 23, according to sources from the police.

One of the bodies was found kilometres away on the St Martin Islands and another eight bodies were found on the Naf river banks. This river separates Bangladesh from Myanmar.

In this latest incident of refugee boat capsize, more than half of the victims were children as stated by the police chief of the border town of Teknaf, Mian Uddin.

Even he is unable to say how many are missing after the incident. While survivors and other officials claim that there were about 60 – 100 people in the boat which was capsized. About 15 people were rescued by the coast guards of Bangladesh. The authorities are also sharing the view that some of them might have swam to Myanmar.

Since August 2017, after the attack by the Rohingya militants, approximately, more than half a million refugees have reached Bangladesh.

Though the number of people fleeing from Myanmar had decreased, the government officials say that there are thousands of fresh arrivals during the recent days. Most of them were coming from the Rakhine state of Myanmar, a far away place from the border of Bangladesh.

Most of the Rohingyas cross the Naf river at its narrowest point. About 160 have drowned when they opted to cross the rough sea often in fishing boats, which are insufficient to carry a large number of people across the rough sea.

People die even after they successfully cross the waters due to over exhaustion and hunger.