Three Afghan women have been arrested in Islamabad airport for illegal travel documents

Islamabad, May30:At least three Afghan women have been arrested in Islamabad airport before they manage to illegally travel to London, it has been reported.

According to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) officials of Pakistan, at least two workers of Pakistan International Airlines and two senior officials of the airport were also arrested in connection to the smuggling of the women to UK.

The two officials have been identified as Israr Ahmed, who is associated with the PIA task force, and Naeem Malik, responsible for issuing boarding cards to passengers.

The Afghan women, PIA workers, and airport officials were reportedly arrested after the after the British border police informed Pakistani authorities about three Afghan national women travelling on fake British passports from Islamabad.

The women have reportedly confessed that they paid $20,000 each to the human smugglers in a bid to reach London, although they had initially denied they were travelling to London and that their destination was Kabul.

The Afghan officials have not commented regarding the arrest of the three women so far.

This comes as hundreds of thousands of Afghan nationals have left the country during the recent years, mainly due to the growing instability in the country and headed towards Europe.