Australian Senator Pauline Hanson rejects invite to Trump inauguration

US President Donald J Trump.

Canberra, Jan 16: Australian Senator Pauline Hanson, an ardent supporter of US President-elect Donald Trump throughout his campaign, has rejected an invitation to attend his inauguration, to which Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has not been invited, a media report said.

Turnbull confirmed on Monday that unlike Hanson, he had not received an invitation to the event, Xinhua news agency reported.

“I am very busy here as you can see as Prime Minister of this country looking after the interests of hard working Australian families,” Turnbull told reporters when asked about the inauguration.

Meanwhile, the Queensland senator who consistently made her support of Trump known throughout his successful campaign, turned down the invitation.

Hanson said although the invitation was a “fantastic opportunity”, but her “duties to the people of Queensland and Australia come first.”

The far-right leader of the One Nation party, toasted Trump’s victory on the steps of Australia’s parliament building, back in November.

“I can see in Donald Trump a lot of me and what I stand for in Australia. I think it’s great,” Hanson said at the time.

Turnbull recently committed to greater partnerships with the US, but his pro-TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) stance was in direct contrast to the incoming US President.

Trump has vowed to put an end to the free trade agreement upon being sworn in.

The US Presidential inauguration will be held on January 20, in Washington.