Blue Whale suicide game is a national problem, needs awareness: Supreme Court

Supreme Court of India.

New Delhi, October 27: The infamous Blue Whale game is a national problem, observed the Supreme Court on Friday while hearing a plea seeking ban the suicide game.

The Supreme Court has reportedly asked Doordarshan and private channels to create knowledgeable productions on the game by broadcasting its hazards at their prime-time programmes.

In a reply to the Court, the Central government asserted that it has constituted an expert committee to look into the issue and file a report within three weeks.
The Blue Whale game is linked to the death of several children from different parts of the world.
While asked by the Delhi High Court the Centre told that it has set up a committee and other experts to inquire those suicide cases allegedly due to the influence of this game.
According to media reports, the Blue Whale Suicide challenge is a game involving several levels of challenges which the player has to attempt and win. The unknown game administrator would give several tasks to the player. The players have to complete the tasks within a period of 50 days from the day of beginning the game. As a proof completing each level, the players were asked to share photos of those moments after finishing the tasks. There are 50 levels of challenges in this game.
As reported by media, more than six children across India have committed suicide allegedly after playing this suicide game within a short period of two weeks. All the children died were in the age group of 12-19 years.