Fire in garbage pile goes out of control in Bengaluru

Fire in garbage pile goes out of control in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru, Feb 17: Panic was triggered as thick dense smoke emerged from Bellandur lake on Thursday. Motorists were seen afraid of the the fire and smoke suddenly appeared on the busy Sarjapura Main Road.

While fires at Bellandur lake, owing to the deadly effluents in the lake is nothing new, this time it was a pile of burning garbage that resulted in fire in the lake.

Smoke started coming from the lake around 5.30 pm on Thursday mentioned a resident and a member of the citizen group Kasamukta Bellandur who lives in the nearby area adding that garbage and debris is being dumped into the lake on daily basis. On Thursday someone was burning garbage and the fire went out of control, she said.

Though the BBMP official was alerted he said they were helpless ruing how to douse a fire in the water. The fire was finally put out around 10 pm.

The citizens have been complaining about the rampant dumping of debris in the lake.Karnataka State Pollution Control Board chairman Lakshman said he had issued notices to the BBMP, BWSSB and other agencies to stop the dumping.