Anna Hazare totally unhappy with his protégé Arvind Kejriwal and his party AAP

New Delhi, Sept 6: The political ambitions and gimmicks of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the present situation of Aam Admi Party (AAP) is not at all impressing his ‘Guru’ Anna Hazare.

And that must have prompted Hazare to say out “Hope I was  looking at Kejriwal is over.”

Anna Hazare said he is “very saddened to see” some of Arvind Kejriwal’s colleagues have gone to jail.

Hazare said that some of Kejriwal’s colleagues have gone to jail, while some others are “indulging in fraud”.

“I am very hurt…When he (Mr Kejriwal) was with me, he wrote a book on gram swaraj…Will we call this gram swaraj? That’s why I am very sad. The hope with which I was looking at him (Mr Kejriwal) is over,” he said.

His remarks come against the backdrop of the arrest of AAP MLA Sandeep Kumar who has been accused by a woman of having raped her.

36-year-old Mr Kumar, who was sacked as a minister by the Delhi government in the wake of the accusation, was on Monday remanded in three-day police custody by a court.

AAP has become just another example of populist movement that have started sensationalising each and every thing for merely placing itself as the biggest opponent for the ruling party.

The party slogans became the steering factor than the facts and figures.

Mr Hazare said he had earlier told Mr Kejriwal, “You are going to roam the world after launching your party. You will hold rallies in the country for the same, but how will you find out that the people who join your party have a good character or not?

“He (Mr Kejriwal) did not have an answer for that. I can experience it today. I had said this earlier also, be it any party or leader, it is necessary to check if the people who join a party have a clean character or not.”

‘Removal of bribery’ was the top agenda of Arvind Kejriwal since he joined Anna for  the mass movement. Though getting into politics, ‘to change the system by being inside’, Kejriwal glued himself to the agenda.

But he failed check the criminal minds within the party which is striving to get a foothold in other parts of India.

Mr Hazare told a TV news channel, “Arvind has been with me for many years. I was very hopeful for Arvind. I was hoping that he will set a different example for politics in India and also that he will give a different direction to the nation.”

He said, “I felt that way, but I am very saddened to see what his colleagues are doing. Some are going to jail, some are indulging in fraud.”

The duo had a split after Kejriwal decided to enter into politics.

Earlier in January this year, Anna Hazare had lauded Kejriwal as a man of “clean character and an idealist”, who changed the “common man’s appraoch” to politics.

But later the social activist came up with a sad and surprising statement highlighting that he has no relation with Kejriwal.

Kejriwal has staged himself as an ‘ideal leader’ by playing a dramatic reality show with the help of media. He conveniently pushed himself to the focus of news cameras as Donald Trump got  elevated as  a political figure by funding an investigation to  check  whether Barack Obama was actually born in US.

Hence, the disastrous challenge to PM Modi in Varanasi, and the ever increasing volume of abuse and conspiracy theories. For a populist demagogue, facts and results are not relevant. Success is counted in the only ratings they have.