Need to take dead body from mortuary? Pay a bribe of Rs. 3000

Need to take dead body from mortuary, pay a bribe of Rs. 3000 in Tamil Nadu
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Salem/Tamil Nadu, June 10: We have heard of various issues of bribery. Here is a unique case in which the hospital staff has asked for a bribe to give a dead body to the relatives of the deceased. This incident happened in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. The relatives were asked to pay a bribe to take a dead body out of a hospital mortuary.

Unfortunately, this happened in the case of a dead 17-year-old girl, Bagyashree, whose family was forced to carry her out of the mortuary of a hospital to the ambulance because they refused to a pay a bribe of Rs.3000 demanded by hospital workers.
Bagyashree died due to alleged wrong medical treatment at a private herbal care treatment centre in Salem while undergoing a weight loss program.
She was administered some herbal medicine and fell unconscious and died. The herbal care centre failed to inform her family and shifted her to a hospital in Coimbatore for post mortem.
When the family approached the Coimbatore G.H. Mortuary department, they were asked to pay Rs.3000 as a bribe to get the dead body of their daughter released. On refusal to do so, the family were asked to carry the dead body from the mortuary to the ambulance which did not have a freezer box.
The body was taken back to Salem, a distance of over 350 kilometres from Coimbatore, for last rites. (ANI)