Kerala strangles stray dogs flouting SC order with 20 choked to death in Ernakulam and 100 killed in Palakad

Kochi,Oct14:Flouting of the Supreme Court order against killing stray dogs in Kerala continues, as twenty dogs were chocked to death in Ernakulam district, and over 100 were killed in Palakkad over the last few days.

Activists have alleged that the Kerala state government was playing a mute spectator. “On Wednesday, around 20 dogs were killed in Ernakulam. In last three days, around 100 dogs were killed by Marutharode Panchayat, People are strangulating puppies, lactating females and dogs, and the government is neither opposing it nor stopping it,” said Sally Kannan, Honorary Animal Welfare Officer of AWBI

Kannan said that Ernakulam-based businessman Chiittilappilly and social worker Jose Maveli were allegedly behind the act, and were openly asking people to kill the dogs. “Even children is being encouraged to kill strays, and the biggest problem is even if the police is arresting people, they are out on bail immediately,” said Kannan stating that around 93 dogs have been killed so far in September.

Activists also alleged that the duo have hired a dog executioner by the name Ranjan to kill dogs in presence of a crowd. Air guns were being distributed as well as rewards were being announced to make Kerala a stray-dog free state.

It was on October 4 that Supreme Court had issued orders to the Chief Secretary of Kerala to file the action taken report on the killings, and also to make sure that such killings do not happen in the future.

However, some animal rights activists, who have expressed their shock on the culling of dogs in Kerala also pointed out that several organizations working for stray dog welfare in Kerala needed to initiate a dialogue with people in case there is any attack on them