Is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Note Ban announcement  on November 8 was a Pre-Recorded One?

New Delhi, Nov 27: India is not silent anymore, the ban on old currency of 500 and 1000 notes has raised voices against the decision of the Prime Minister, 18 days after he announced the policy of Demonetization.

Doordarshan journalist and researcher Satyendra Murali has disclosed that Narendra Modi’s announcement on note ban on Nov 8 was pre-recorded and not live. He said that PM Modi has cheated people of India by portraying telecast of his recorded announcement as live telecast.

Journalist Satyendra Murali has strongly alleged that on November 8, 2016; ” the Prime Minister’s address to the nation, “was a planned speech” . On the night of November 8 “message to the nation” was not live but was pre-recorded and edited. PM’s speech on the night of November 8 played live was immoral, as well as the public was deceived. ”

The journalist revealed that on the evening of November 8, 2016, stating that several days ago the PM’s ‘message to the nation’ had been written. He alleged that the case clearly in terms of the currency of the central bank’s decision-making powers have been violated.

Journalist and researcher Satyendra Satyendra Murali, when asked about the RTI (PMOIN / R / 2016/53416), said that the PMO did not responded evasively to the application and forwarded it to The Ministry of Economic Affairs Department and The Ministry of  Information and Broadcasting.

Murali’s RTI transfer no. DOEAF / R / 2016/80904 and MOIAB / R / 2016/80180 are public. He asserts that since that message courtesy was the PMO, it stands necessary for the PMO to revert to his RTI application, not to be replied by The Ministry of Economic Affairs Department and The Ministry of  Information and Broadcasting.

The journalist says that Modi’s “address to the nation ” in the media with live band was set up to be broadcast on the country’s channels with a live band. Modi’s address was a sham that  “suddenly” began as the address to the nation at 8 pm to says Murali.