Why opposition parties think, the Surgical Strike is fake?

New Delhi, October 4: None among the American lawmakers or any state representatives had not supported or even commented on the Surgical Strike. America had responded whenever there is an issue between India and Pakistan, whatever be its significance. There is a strong reason behind the silence of America in this issue. The reason is that, America do not think or believe that such a n attack had occurred.

The Surgical Strike is not even indicated in the briefing handed over to India by the US State Department. The US had only supported India’s approach against terrorism and not the Surgical Strike as Indian media has done.

What the media had reported is not the same as what DGMO Ranbir Singh had told in the press meet. Many are coming up with doubtful questions about the so called Surgical Strike conducted by the Indian Army. The opinions of certain celebrities made the topic relevant of a discussion. Arvind Kejriwal, Sanjay Nirupam, Seetharam Yechuri, P Chidambaram are some of the prominent persons who put forward the question about the authenticity of the Surgical Strike.

India had lost 19 brave hearts in the unexpected devilish act. After the Uri terror attack a mass psychology had developed among Indians who loves their beloved Bharatmatha. This psychology was for sure against Pakistan and an attack over Pakistan remained a dream in every Indian hearts.

Subsequently, the urge of Indians to fight against Pakistan lead to a crisis to the government. An attack against Pakistan became imminent. It became an ardent need to attack Pakistan to pacify Indians. All the political fronts united in support of attacking Pakistan.

Form this chain of incidents the need for a counter attack has become a reality.

Kejriwal had “saluted” PM Modi for the surgical strikes with a caveat: that he must come up with the video of the Indian Army’s operation to “expose Pakistan’s false propaganda” on the strikes.

Kejriwal in the video message on Monday had, in fact, praised the Narendra Modi government and the Indian Army for the surgical strikes. Kejriwal had also said that the Pakistani government was spreading lies about the surgical strikes. And then he asked the government to “unmask Pakistan’s false propaganda like the way you (Narendra Modi) and the army taught Pakistan a lesson on the ground.”

In a three-minute video message, Kejriwal mainly focused on Pakistan claiming that no surgical strike was ever conducted on terrorist launch pads across the LoC and urged Narendra Modi to fight against Pakistan’s propaganda “just like we have been fighting Pakistan on ground”, reports indiatoday.in.

Kejriwal Reacts to media report 

“Only yesterday, CNN was showing a report how Pakistan took few media persons to the spot of strike to show that no such thing happened, and showed them kids playing and people living as usual. My blood came to a boil when I saw that report,” he said.

P Chidmabaram on Monday said it was up to the government to give proof of the surgical strikes conducted on September 28 night in which the army destroyed seven terror launch pads in Pakistan-administered Kashmir.