World’s cheapest car from Bajaj: Bajaj came to know it from media

World's cheapest car from Bajaj: Bajaj came to know it from media. Photo: Twitter

New Delhi, August 2: ‘World’s cheapest car from Bajaj at Rs. 60,000’, a news that grabbed the attention of many social media users recently, has turned to be fake. Sounds ridicule, right? It is high time that those who spread such fake news and trolls have to be more responsible while using the online networks.

The ‘Bajaj Qute’, earlier known as RE60, is currently not on sale in the Indian market as they haven’t dealt with some cases against them in the Supreme Court of India. Bajaj Qute is not a car, rather a quadricycle of 3/3.7 metre long weighing 450kg/ 550kg. It can carry four passengers including the driver. It has a power limit of 20PS and a limited top speed of 70kmph. The speed limit, in fact, is essential in this rat race of the world.

World’s cheapest car from Bajaj: A fake news spread through Whatsapp.

Qute originated in 2008 as a collaboration between Bajaj Auto and Renault in the form of the Ultra Low Cost (ULC) car project. It seized the attention when showcased at the 2008 Auto Expo. Back in that time, the car cost around Rs 1 Lakh. Now, the base price of Qute for export is 2000 USD or about 1.28 Lakhs.

When Renault withdrew from the venture, Bajaj set to take over the project independently. Bajaj came with RE60 with a mileage of 35kmpl in 2012. The then competitors argued that RE60 cannot be sold in India as it doesn’t come under the category of cars. Bajaj tried to make the Indian Government join hands with them to introduce a new class of vehicles in India, the Quadricycle. Bajaj filed a petition to make the ultra small, low-cost RE60 road legal. The Court’s verdict is yet to come, whether the vehicle could be sold in the country or not.

In 2015 ‘RE60’ got changed to ‘Qute’. It was destined for export to 16 countries including Turkey and Sri Lanka.