11-year old quenched with boiling water, mother accuses online hot water challenge

11-year old quenched with boiling water, Mother accused online hot water challenge

The Bronx/New York, August 11: Jamoneisha Merritt, 11 years old went to sleep on Sunday night close to the another girl whom she believed to be her friend. Jamoneisha Merritt no more remembers how the other girl looks like.

The other girl’s shoulder and neck were blemished and rounded. In a picture taken from a hospital bed, the victim’s eyes are shut and the face turned pink from a layer of skin after it was vaporized by boiling water.

Jamoneisha Merritt’s mother Ebony told that her daughter is still beautiful to her. Jamoneisha Merritt was allegedly attacked by another girl at the overnight party in the Bronx, New York with a cup of boiling water, told Ebony Merritt to the local media stations. Ebony Merritt also told that she calls her daughter “Monie”, is injured not only physically but also emotionally after the 12-year old girl poured water over my daughter while she was asleep.

According to the police reports, she is in recovering slowly. Ebona Merritt told the local media that her daughter is not prepared to watch the complete extent of her possibly lifelong injuries, so Ebona Merritt narrowed her daughter’s capacity to look at herself.

A New York Police Department released a statement saying that according to The Washington Post, the other girl was arrested on Monday night and was also charged with second-degree assault.

Jamoneisha Meritt told the police that “She does not understand why she was treated like that. She thought that they were her friends. Later on, I got to know that they did not like me and were domineering her. She also posted on Facebook to convey the message to other parents that do not encourage your children to perform such social media challenges.

It was not clear that why the alleged attacker told police that she was motivated by the internet videos. Yolanda Richardson told the local National Broadcasting Company that her cousin Jamoneisha Meritt and the other had a fight at the night before the incident happened. She also added that the other girl said that if Jamoneisha Merritt goes to sleep, they were definitely do something to her.

Ebony Merritt has a belief that her daughter became a victim of the social media prank called the hot water challenge, a very hazardous dare in teenagers and kids boil water and throw it on an innocent victim. She told that her daughter’s burns are very real. And she has a strong reason to believe that digital provoking transformed into real violence, told the local media of New York.