Kabaddi World Cup 2016 : You can watch the plays in Hotstar 3D Virtual Reality

Ahmedabad , Oct 07: The Kabaddi World Cup 2016 will be starting today in Ahmedabad and lasts on 22nd October .

Star group handled  Streaming platform Hotstar today announced that it will stream Kabaddi World Cup games live in stereoscopic 3D Virtual Reality. Viewers will need a VR headset like Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, to experience it.

Hotstar users will be able to access both 2D and 3D VR streams, in addition to the regular broadcast streams, on its iOS and Android apps.

“The VR experience will allow sports fans to get a complete panoramic view of the game and the stadium using touch and gyroscope. Fans will be able to switch between different cameras in a 360 degree experience, thereby taking full control of their experience,” Hotstar said in a release.

To enable live VR, the Kabaddi World Cup games will be shot in stereoscopic 3D using two camera pods (in addition to the multi camera setup of the traditional production) including 12 cameras per pod, which allows for immersive production and stereoscopic capture.

The live VR stream for the Kabaddi World Cup will be available to fans in two formats: a personalized, 2D user-controlled experience for viewers without headsets, and in full stereoscopic, TrueVR for Google Cardboard and Gear VR headsets.

Hotstar users will be able access the live TrueVR feed by either selecting the Google Cardboard feature in Hotstar’s iOS and Android apps or by downloading the Hotstar Gear VR app from the Oculus Store.

The Kabaddi World Cup will see 12 National teams participating from across the globe. These teams have been divided into two groups viz. A and B. Group A comprises of India, Bangladesh, South Korea, Australia, England and Argentina, while Iran, Thailand, Japan, USA, Poland and Kenya are placed in Group B. Team India will begin their tournament journey with the first match against South Korea on October 7, 8PM onwards.