Is it true that Hurriyat leaders are playing behind Pakistan to maintain unrest in Kashmir?

Is it true that Hurriyat leaders are playing behind Pakistan to maintain unrest in Kashmir?

New Delhi, May 6: The way of cash flow from Pakistan to Hurriyat pioneers in Kashmir has been found. The information reveals how Pakistan ISI is financing huge amount of money to the separatist pioneers in Kashmir which is then being dispersed to stone pelters and numerous terrorists working in Kashmir territory.

According to reliable sources, Shabir Shah, a well-known identity in Kashmir was given over Rs 70 lakhs by the ISI Pakistan to instigate viciousness. The entire cash trail begins from Rawalpindi, where the ISI specialist Ahmad Sagar (ISI course) gets cash straightforwardly from ISI, the cash is then exchanged to Shabir Shah, who lives in Kashmir. Shabir Shah has coordinate connections with Pakistan high magistrate Abdul Basit who teaches him when to start viciousness in Kashmir.

So the whole battle for Azadi is being seethed by Pakistan by baiting enormous cash to young people of Kashmir. The huge player here is the cash and nothing about Kashmir or AFSPA or anything. Precisely why after demonetization, the savagery in Kashmir went to a sudden end. The fear mongers were hit hard and they are continually enjoying bank burglaries to get cash. The total confirmation has been placed out in people in general space in which indicates numerous government officials have coordinate connections with Shabir Shah. This is a major open mystery where numerous legislators are specifically taking after Pakistan’s mandate to break India.

Those individuals who talk about the human rights activists in Kashmir are the ones who are ensuring these against Nationals in the nation. They have been pressurising the administration to expel AFSPA anticipating it has a risk to everyday citizens. The main reason they need unique forces to be expelled is on the grounds that they will get free keep running in the valley and can reach more venom against India.

The entire plot includes individuals from many fields including media, educated people, human rights activists who are protecting these separatists and psychological oppressors for the sake of the right to speak freely. This is just a trap to drag the issue and keeping the legislature from making any move against the separatists. It is said that fear mongers are being given all offices like cash, weapons and ammo to assault Indian armed force.

The cash is given to Hurriyat pioneers to hold energises, office support, purchase PCs, paying media specialists and furthermore supply ammo to fear based oppressors. It is demonstrated that Hurriyat is the Pakistan base camp working in India to wrath war against our Nation. It is the time that the Hurriyat and all separatists associations are prohibited and the pioneers are announced hostile to Nationals if the administration needs to get peace Kashmir.