Kerala family keeps father’s dead body for four months, praying to return to life

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Malappuram/Kerala, July 5: A family including women, daughters and son has allegedly kept the dead body of their father for the last three months. The body is said to have kept inside their home as they had certain beliefs that, he could revive his life one day.

According to information from the local sources, they have not seen this person namely Said, for the last 4 months. But, no one had any doubts about this family or Said, as their day to day affairs seemed to be normal.

It is believed that Said had died approximately three months back. He was working abroad, some years back. After returning to the homeland, he was working as a Madrassa teacher. But he was not even going for that in recent times.

But, no one knew that Said was dead and his body is being kept at his home. The story came to light when one of Said’s relative had visited said’s home this morning. Being suspicious, he raised a complaint to the local police station. When police broke into the house they found said’s wife and children sitting beside the dead body of Said, praying. Reportedly, the dead body was decomposed and was having maggots all over it. Police had taken the women and children into custody and started the investigation.