Shocking! Two more persons suspected to have HIV AIDS infection from RCC Thiruvananthapuram

Shocking! Two more persons suspected to have HIV infections from RCC Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram/Kerala, September 20: Alike the 9 years old girl who was afflicted with HIV AIDS, while she was under treatment in the Regional Cancer Centre, it is suspected that two more persons might have been afflicted with the disease.

It has been eveluated that those who received blood from the one who donated blood to the 9 Years old girl, are of high chance of having affected with AIDS.

The blood received in the blood bank from a single person would be separated into Platelets, Plasma and Red Blood Cells and would be given to upto three patients.

The Girl was given the platelet part of the blood from a particular donor. The two other components might be given to two others.

According to the documents in the RCC, the attempt to find them has begun.