Subramanian Swamy is in the news again; equates Mehbooba Mufti with ‘tail of a dog’

New Delhi, Sep 06: Subramanian Swamy is in the news again.

Senior BJP leader and nominated Rajya Sabha MP Subramaniam Swamy on Tuesday equated Mufti with the “tail of a dog, which can’t be straightened’.
In a TV interview he said, “There should be President’s rule in her place’ she is like tail of a dog, which can’t be straightened,” said Swamy, in clear defiance of the party which is a partner in the Peoples Democratic Party-led coalition government.

“Mehbooba kabhi sudhregi nahi” (Mehbooba will never change,)” said Swamy and added, “She has old links with terrorists”. He said the BJP formed a coalition government with Mehbooba on the hope she will “reform” herself.Swamy’s comments fly in the face of the synergy between Mehbooba and PM Narendra Modi as was seen when they met last week and agreed on the common goal to combat terrorism and address popular demands.

In the past, Swamy staunchly opposed to Raghuram Rajan and had in the last few months openly hit out at him. Swamy had not only questioned Rajan’s ‘Indianess’, calling him a US citizen , but had also held that Rajan’s decision to not lower interest rates led to the economy being derailed from the path of recovery.

Swamy blamed Rajan for the dire situation in which small and medium scale enterprises find themselves, due to credit being costly.