‘Brutal and barbaric’ way of murdering political opponents by ruling party in Kerala: Defence Minister Arun Jaitley

Arun Jaitley to deliver budget in Hindi

Thiruvananthapuram/ Kerala, August 7: With the increase in a number of attack on BJP-RSS workers, Union Defence Minister Arun Jaitley stated on Sunday that whenever LDF came into power, it marks the increase of violence in Kerala.

Jaitley addressed the ‘brutal and barbaric’ way of murdering political opponents by the ruling party in the state. He also mentioned that it is the responsibility of the state government and police to bring the culprits into daylight and punish accordingly.

Jaitley after visiting relatives of the recently killed Rajesh stated that with the emergence of party riots innocent people are victimised when they are alone. And a lot of BJP-RSS workers are being killed in Kerala. Rajesh was an RSS activist who was killed in the state capital recently, as a result of the political war between the RSS and the CPI(M).

He said that he was feeling pity with the drastic incidents happened in the southern state and this makes the nation depressed. He asserted that Keralites have high potential to distinguish things and moreover, the state deserves peace. Democracy is questioned when a series of violent activities arouse in the state affecting the people and its economy, he added.