Central Government officially opposes Triple Talaq in Supreme Court

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New Delhi, Oct 07: The Central Government of India officially opposes Triple Talaq in Supreme Court. A statement from the government says that this practice cannot be justified and the gender equality and dignity of women is non-negotiable,a nd there is no compromise on basic rights.

The Central Government has filed 28-page affidavit opposing triple Talaq. NDA govt tells the Supreme Court that practice of triple talaq not be regarded as essential part of the religion.

Last month, the Supreme Court gave the Centre 4 weeks to submit its reply to a batch of petitions on triple talaq.

The first among these pleas was filed by Shayara Bano from Uttarakhand who challenged practices like triple talaq, polygamy and nikah halala as unconstitutional.

Two women divorced through triple talaq from Jaipur and Kolkata also approached the court. Opposing these petitions are Jamiat-Ulema-e-Hind and AIMPLB. The AIMPLB had told the apex court earlier this month that personal laws cannot be rewritten in the name of reforms and the validity of Muslim personal law cannot be tested as it derives from the Quran.