States of Gujarat and Maharashtra on High Alert, Multi-Agency Centre warns of suspicious Pakistani boats

New Delhi: In the midst of growing Indo-Pak tension along the Line of Control, India’s Multi-Agency Centre (MAC) has issued warning to many Indian states including Gujarat and Maharashtra.

The Multi-Agency Centre has warned the states as they have found two Pakistani boats on suspicious movement. They were on the move from Karachi to Gujarat and Maharashtra.

On Sunday, a Pakistani boat was seized from Gujarat coast. According to soldiers, nine sailors were there in the seized Pakistani boat.

Indian Coast Guard ship ‘Samudra Pavak’ had apprehended the Pakistani boat off Gujarat coast.

Coast Guard officials apprehended the crew members travelling in the boat as soon as it entered in Indian waters around 10.15 AM on Sunday, reports

According to an official statement, “In the wake of prevailing scenario, Coast Guard ship Samudra Pavak apprehended a Pakistani boat with nine crew members.”

Image: Pakistani boat apprehended on Sunday.

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