Telangana girl Thirumalahiri Swathi drowns at sea in London: Is it a dowry killing?

Telangana girl Thirumalahiri Swathi drowns at sea in London: Is it a dowry killing? Photo: Representational image

London, October 6: Thirumalahiri Swathi who was a native of Warangal Urban district in Telangana, was found dead in doubtful circumstances in London. The parents and relatives of Thirumalahiri Swathi accused her husband Sripathi Rajesh, a geek and her in-laws S.Srinivas and Vijaya of murdering her.

The parents and relatives of Thirumalahiri Swathi staged a protest in front of the locked house of Sripathi Rajesh near Machili Bazaar in Hanamkonda. The relatives said that Thirumalahiri Swathi and Sripathi Rajesh got married on November 4, 2016. At the time of marriage, Rs 35 lakh was given as dowry.

At that time, Sripathi Rajesh was working in Singapore. Afterwards, he got employed in London and then the couple shifted to London. The parents of Sripathi Rajesh parents and his sister were also living along with them. The parents of Thirumalahiri Swathi alleged that she was being harassed for additional dowry after the couple moved to London.

Thirumalahiri Swathi used to complain of mental and physical harassment every day. Thirumalahiri Swathi spoke to her parents on On October 2 and said she was unable to live in London and wanted to return to India. Sripathi Rajesh called Swathi’s parents on October 4 and said that she had fallen into the sea and was admitted to the hospital. Later at the same night, Sripathi Rajesh informed them that Thirumalahiri Swathi had died.

The parents and relatives of Thirumalagiri Swathi asked the top Telangana leaders including KT Rama Rao and also Union Minister of External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to help them receive the body of the victim.