As much as 5000 people expired in West Bengal remains unidentified or unclaimed: NCRB

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Kolkata/ West Bengal, August 10: National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) had disclosed, in 2012, their data showing around 5000 unidentified bodies from West Bengal. Unnatural death or murder is the cause behind the majority of the death cases. The unclaimed and unidentified bodies were collected throughout from West Bengal but the majority of them were got from Kolkata itself.

A large number of unidentified bodies would unite the hidden mysteries behind many unsolved murder cases.
As per NCRB report, Maharashtra is ranked first in recovering unidentified bodies which are followed by Tamil Nadu. The new report will be released by the end of 2017, which may have variation from the previous data.

A senior police officer from West Bengal stated that the dead bodies recovered from railway tracks and river bodies would remain unclaimed. With the lack of information regarding murder or death, the police or investigation agency won’t be able to proceed further or conclude the case.

He accepted that such issues are always a challenge for the administration. Preserving the teeth of the deceased could overcome the situation up to some extent, he says, teeth can be used for DNA verification if it is asked to identify the body.