Odd-even scheme: NGT slams Delhi Govt for not having proof of effectiveness, scheme cancelled

Odd-even scheme: NGT slams Delhi Govt for not having proof of effectiveness, scheme cancelled. Photo: Twitter

New Delhi, November 10: Though the Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot on Friday said that commuters can travel for free in Delhi Transport Corporation buses during the odd-even scheme, the National Green Tribunal has questioned its effectiveness and opposed it.

NGT asks the Delhi government to prove whether the odd-even scheme has reduced pollution. If the Delhi government fails to prove it, the National Green Tribunal will stay the imposition of the scheme, acording to a statement during the hearing of the case. Hearing will continue tomorrow.

The National Green Tribunal further criticised the Delhi government asking “When situation is improving, the government is trying to implement it. You should have done this earlier if you wanted to. This will now cause inconvenience to people.”

The odd-even scheme was decided to be imposed in Delhi from eight in the morning to eight in the night daily from November 13 to November 17.

As the air quality and visibility continues to be harmfully low, it affected the normal life of people in Delhi-NCR area. Moreover, the entry of heavy vehicles from other states make the roads in Delhi congested with an increase in pollution levels.

The pollution level is so high in the city that schools are shut down till Sunday, people are not even able to breathe properly. Elderly people and those having heart ailments were asked to stay indoors as much as possible.People who go for work everyday are told to wear masks.

The Delhi Court today issued some directions to improve the air quality, including watering of the roads to minimize dust. It also directed the Delhi government to ban on the construction works that are going in the city.