Big blow to Modi Govt, Paradise Papers release names of black money investors including BJP MP, Union Minister

Big blow to Modi Govt, Paradise Papers release names of black money investors including BJP MP, Union Minister. Photo: Twitter.

New Delhi, November 6: The information on the black money deposits of many popular individuals including Central Minister and BJP MP were revealed by an association of journalists called Paradise Papers.

The 714 names in the published list include Union Minister Jayant Sinha, BJP MP RK Sinha, Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt’s wife Manya Dutt and mediator in the 2G Spectrum corruption case Neera Radiya.

Apart from India, Paradise Papers had released details of persons having black money investments from 180 other countries.

In the list released, India is in the 19th position. The exclusive shocking news was broken on Sunday midnight.

According to the document released, most of the Indians have invested their black money through a law establishment called Appleby in Bermuda.

Most of the information released by the Paradise Papers was about the transaction by Appleby. According to reports, the majority of the customers of the Appleby are Indians.

The crucial information on black money investments including the Union Minister’s was revealed while the Central Government, led by BJP is triggering the celebrations on the first anniversary of demonetisation on November 8.

This has created a serious complication to the BJP.

The details were found after an investigation by the German daily Sedduse Zeitung, International Consortium of Investigative Journalist along with 96 journalists.

The information revealed were published in the name of Paradise Papers.

Certain corporates which are under the scanner of the CBI and the Enforcement Directorate were also included in the investigative report of Paradise Papers.

It was said that popular corporates like Sun Tv, Essar loop, SNC Lavellin, Sqista Healthcare, Apollo Tyres, Jindal Steels, Havels, Hinduja, Emaar MGF, Videocon, DS Construction, Hiranandani Group, Vijay Mallya’s United Spirits, GMR Group, etc are included in the Paradise Papers.

The paradise papers also reveal significant information about the family of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Alos the Paradise Papers reveal information about Queen Elizabeth of Britain, US Pesident Donald Trump, US state Sacretary Rex Tillerson, US Secretary of Commerce Willbur Rose and Queen of Jordan Noor Al Hussain.

Moreover, the relation between the family of Putin and Wilbur rose is also one among the information revealed.